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What is Coaching on Demand?

Coaching on Demand is Leadenhall’s digital platform that provides outstanding executive coaching, the kind of coaching that you would expect from a high-quality boutique coaching firm, delivered at a time convenient to the coachee. We give our corporate clients the ability to choose coaches that are right for their organisation. We give coachees the ability to choose the specific coach they would like for their coaching session, at a time convenient to them. Our coaches have a balance of industry experience, qualifications and specialisms to enable both clients and the coachees that they support to choose the right coach for their needs.

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Coaching on Demand

Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Our experience, and the evidence from research, is that effective executive coaching achieves business results and develops the coachee. Coaching provides people with an independent and confidential sounding board to explore issues that matter and that need to be resolved. The coach is skilled at asking questions, providing challenge and support to enable the coachee to explore issues which need decisions and action. Examples where coaching is effective:

  • Facilitating problem solving and decision making
  • Bringing new perspectives to narrow thinking
  • Enabling people to understand themselves and their behaviour
  • Supporting behavioural change
  • Assisting with managing stress and well being
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Encouraging the exploration of risks and risk taking
  • Supporting change, transformation
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Providing skills for managers and professionals to handle difficult conversations

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Why On Demand?

Put simply: time and place… and technology.

Time: given the pace of the modern workplace, coaching needs to fit into the busy diary of the coachee. The coaching topic can be addressed while it is top of mind rather than waiting a month for the next scheduled meeting, and at a time convenient for the coachee.

Place: some work at the office, at a clients’ office, while commuting, while travelling on business or at home. Coaching on Demand enables Coachees to choose where to have their coaching session subject to internet connection.

Technology: Coachees do not have to hope that the right coach happens to be based in their location – we have great coaches across the UK and Europe – accessible via the platform, powered by Zoom.

Why on Demand?