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Coaching on Demand has been designed with you in mind, to make it as easy as possible for you to get top quality coaching when you want it, with a coach you have chosen, and – using technology – to access a coach wherever you happen to be.

You might be in your office, yes, but you might also be working from home or travelling, and need some coaching when you’re in your hotel room. With Coaching on Demand, you can have a coaching session anywhere as long as you have a quiet spot where you can focus, you won’t be interrupted or overheard, and an internet connection.

Coaching on Demand

How it works

A coachee is offered a number of coaching hours or sessions by their company and given access to the Coaching on Demand platform through a unique username and password.

From here, there are four simple steps:

  1. Select a coach
  2. Book a coaching session
  3. Take part in the session
  4. Leave feedback on the session

Having logged in, the coachee will be able to see the coaches that are available to them, selected by their company. If, for example, they have been offered three coaching sessions, they can choose the same coach for all three sessions or they can choose three different coaches.

Select a Coach

On the platform each coach has a bio, similar to a CV or resume, providing information about their experience, their qualifications, their approach to coaching and their specialisms. There is also the option to watch a video to get a feel for them as a person. Once the coachee has read the bios or watched the videos they can select the coach that suits them best. The research on coaching has shown that the most successful coaching is built on the relationship between the coach and coachee. Selecting a coach could be as simple as responding to a positive first impression of someone who seems easy to talk to.


Select a coach
Select a coach


Book a coaching session

Once a coach has been selected it’s a case of finding a mutually convenient time for the coaching session. The platform facilitates this process. The coachee is asked to choose a topic for the coaching to give the coach a heads up on the general area on which the coaching session will focus. The coach doesn’t need to know a lot of detail about the situation in order to coach as they are very experienced.  Their focus is to ask questions to help the coachee gain insights and perspective and to find solutions that will work for them, rather than trying to understand the details of the topic.

Take part in a session

To get the most from the coaching session the coachee will have given thought to what they want to achieve from it, and they will be open to trying new approaches or considering a situation from new perspectives as a result of responding to the coach’s questions.

If this is a first experience of coaching, the coachee may feel excited, or they may feel daunted. Either way, the coach will help them to get started and guide them in exploring the topic and they will enable the coachee to come up with actions and solutions that are right for them. They won’t provide advice or tell coachees what to do. The conversation is completely confidential between the coach and coachee. The coach will not be asked to provide any feedback to the organisation.


Take part in a session
Leave feedback for your session


Leave feedback for your session

After the coaching session has taken place, and after the coachee has had time to reflect on the discussion, they will be prompted to complete a short feedback form on the effectiveness of the session. There are five questions that require a rating, and there will also be the opportunity to provide some comments. The feedback form will go to the coach for each specific coaching session.

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Ethics Statement

Our coaches are members of recognised coaching associations such as the ICF or EMCC and they will abide by the code of ethics for their professional association. In addition, we have developed our own code of ethics which can be downloaded here. Trust is at the cornerstone of building a successful coaching relationship and it is important that coaching confidentiality is respected, that coaches are appropriately qualified and that the boundaries of the coaching relationship are defined and respected.