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Parental Transition Coaching

Becoming a parent for the first time, or indeed adding a new child to an existing family, brings both great joy and new responsibilities.

For working parents, the new arrival naturally effects the equilibrium between home and work.  It is a period of change, adaptation and a time for adjustment domestically and professionally.

For companies it is important to support their staff through these changes as they make important career and personal decisions.

We know that retaining talented women is not easy and it comes at a time when organisations are challenged with improving gender balance at senior levels.  The cost of replacement in time and money is very high.

There are also the practicalities of ensuring smooth transitions including handovers, staying connected during leave and returning to the workplace.  These practical matters are important for the parent, the manager, colleagues and clients.

Coaching on Demand

Outside of the work environment, there are the personal decisions that parents need to make about their domestic arrangements for bringing up their children.  Of course, these may have an impact on the parent’s relationship to work and need discussions on work arrangements, roles and responsibilities.

Coaching on Demand

Parental Transition Coaching is the ideal way to provide support to parents whether it be for their first child or adding a new child to an existing family.  We also support those who are adopting, fostering, or choosing surrogacy.

Our programme is tailored to the needs of the client and their employees, and are not ‘one size fits all.’

The Parental Transition Coaching Programme

Parental Transition Coaching provides support for parents (and their managers and the organisation) as they navigate the transition leading up to parental leave, preparing to return, and through the first six months after their return to work.  The programme covers:

  • Preparing for parental leave: ensuring good handovers and leaving work with confidence that all is in hand
  • Maintaining communication, staying connected, considering career choices and building confidence for returning
  • Preparing effectively for returning to work including work arrangements, handovers and ensuring childcare arrangements are in place
  • Re-engaging with stakeholders, building back into the role and the team
  • Managing the balance of work and the new domestic arrangements
  • Broader issues of confidence, identity as a parent, wellbeing and managing expectations.

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