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Virtual Leadership in Action

Managers and leaders now working from home are expected to continue to deliver results through people virtually and it’s not easy.

Our recent survey found these pain points:

  • onboarding new team members
  • innovation, creativity and collaboration
  • maintaining morale, their own wellbeing and
  • overcoming isolation

One very practical way to assist them is to provide active coaching and support.

Virtual Leadership in Action is a one-to-one coaching programme delivered via our Coaching on Demand platform.  Our programme is designed to focus on the important aspects of leading and managing remotely.

Coaching on Demand
Coaching on Demand

Designed to focus on the important aspects of leading and managing virtually, it provides a thinking partner and a safe place to explore ideas and feelings, without compromising internal relationships.

The Core Programme


  • Understanding the changes in my sector, my organisation and my role
  • Moving to the post pandemic organisation

Managing my team:

  • Managing change
  • Wellbeing of my team
  • Adapting my leadership style for virtual working
  • Motivating individuals and maintaining team spirit
  • Managing performance
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Planning for the future


  • Influencing key stakeholders in the virtual world
  • Building social connections and networks
  • My wellbeing and resilience

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