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Career Transition Coaching

Our career journey is one of the key narratives of our working lives. Supporting people in their career decision making is a fundamental way of motivating and retaining key talent. We provide high quality career coaching for people in their current role, in new roles and between roles.

The choices available to people are more diverse than ever. Flexible and hybrid working, employed or self-employed in the gig economy, re-skilling and changes of profession, embracing technology, working from home and later into life have seen people building their ‘third chapter’ with many of the traditional ways of working, now consigned to history.

We work with people who wish to develop their career thinking and bring clarity to their direction of travel. We also work with those who have landed a new role and need support with the transition and the novel challenges facing them and we finally support people on outplacement programmes who are either re-evaluating their career path or looking to find opportunities in the marketplace.

Our coaching is delivered via our Coaching on Demand platform.

Coaching sessions may include:

  • Exploring the options – corporate career, freelance, establishing a business, retirement etc.
  • Preparing for action ‘putting my best foot forward’
  • My narrative – preparing for interviews and networking
  • Identity issues – particularly when changing career direction (impact on family), reputational issues

Where outplacement is required we can provide advice (not coaching):

  • Search support. Meeting a headhunter for advice and tips.
  • CV Preparation, LinkedIn review, networking advice
  • Identifying target firms for roles
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Freelancing advice – setting up company, website building, small business basics (accounting, marketing etc)

Alongside accreditation and substantial coaching experience, our Career Transition Coaches bring considerable experience as working people who have undertaken significant career transitions in their own lives.

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