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Women in Leadership Coaching

When women lead, firms win: S&P Global carried out a study in 2019 and found that:

  • Firms with female CFOs were more profitable and generated excess profits of $1.8T over the study horizon.
  • Firms with female CEOs and CFOs produced superior stock price performance, compared to the market average. In the 24 months post-appointment, female CEOs saw a 20% increase in stock price momentum. S&P Global stated that these results were economically and statistically significant.
  • Firms with a high gender diversity on their board of directors were more profitable and larger than firms with low gender diversity.
  • Firms with female CEOs and CFOs have a demonstrated culture of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), evinced by a larger representation of females on the company’s board of directors.

Achieving gender balance at senior levels in an organisation is a difficult slow process, despite interventions and investment. We understand this also needs to be tackled one woman at a time. We have created an offering addressing the key issues women face. The key benefit is that the coaching is tailored to each woman’s individual context rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Accelerating women along their leadership path

Our programme covers the following key topic areas and is designed for women in, and aspiring to, senior leadership roles: (Some of these areas apply to all leaders irrespective of gender as they are derived from the requirements of the leadership role.)

  • Understanding your experiences as a woman through the course of your career and into leadership.
  • Establishing a unique and authentic leadership identity centred on purpose
  • Finding a signature presence, being visible, identifying a source of courage, showing passion yet assertively claiming accomplishments
  • Being visionary, demonstrating credibility, and communicating with impact and influence
  • Taking more risks with assignments/jobs/career moves and identifying people who will support you as you take on bigger or different challenges
  • Negotiating for yourself: job offers/salaries, asking for opportunities, letting go of old roles, setting boundaries to protect the focus on key priorities
  • Asserting yourself and navigating difficult situations
  • Building a broad network of supporters, sponsors, and mentors (reverse mentoring), senior relationships
  • Antidotes to impostor phenomenon
  • Managing the environment in which you work and managing a broad set of stakeholders
  • Building a network of supportive women who amplify one another, collaborate rather than compete with each other
  • Managing an integrated life across family, friends, work, finances, community, wellbeing, hobbies, etc.

This programme can be delivered in a number of formats, such as:

  • A 1:1 coaching assignment, typically a minimum of six 90-minute sessions over a six-to-nine-month period.
  • Group coaching: bringing together a small group of women who are coached together. This provides the platform for women to support women, to develop ally-ship and can evolve into a self-organising group.
  • Coaching-led workshops: virtual or in-person workshops covering the key topics.
  • These formats can also be blended. For example, a series of workshops enhanced with 1:1 or group coaching.

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