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The Early Careers Programme

  • The move from school or campus to the workplace is one of the significant transitions that we go through in life. The worlds of education and work are very different, and navigating the change from one to the other can be incredibly difficult.
  • On average, companies are now retaining 72% of their graduates three years after they join, down from 79% in 2011 (institute of Student Employers). Some sectors such as the legal profession, see a retention rate of just 28%. We work with clients to help them maximise their return on investment by engaging and retaining their entry level talent.
  • The Early Careers Coaching Programme is based on research carried out at this level, and the themes that emerged from the research are woven throughout the programme. The programme, based on this specialist knowledge, enables employees in the early stages of their career to adapt quickly to the world of work, and accelerates their ability to contribute and add value, therefore laying a strong foundation for longer-term career success and engagement with their organisation.
  • The Early Careers Coaching programme aims to support employees who are in their first four years in the world of work. Providing coaching to employees in these formative years sets the tone for them taking responsibility for their own development in. At this stage, individuals have already gained some experience and understanding of their role and their organisation. Introducing a Coach to employees at this time facilitates their further progression and supports them in navigating new challenges. Early Careers coaching is a proactive approach which builds independent self-starters, whilst facilitating maximising their potential and achieving their career goals.

About Tilly Catarinella

The programme is led by Tilly Catarinella. Tilly is an Executive Coach and she specialises in coaching Early Careers talent. Tilly believes that building self- awareness from as early as possible is imperative to a coachee’s success at work.

Tilly’s understanding of early career transitions, combined with her empathy and desire to co-create supportive and constructive relationships with her coachees, has enabled her to create an environment where coachees can accelerate their progression, or explore their challenges in a focussed and psychologically safe environment.

Whilst Tilly completed her Masters, she had the realisation around how coaching conversations could greatly improve the experience of more junior employees, who traditionally may have had to wait until they reach a higher level of seniority to be offered such an intimate development opportunity.

The Process

The Coach supports the Early Careers employee for six sessions (over a three-to-six-month period) exploring a range of issues including self-confidence, Growth Mindset, communicating effectively, developing a personal brand/identity at work, understanding, and dealing with stress, and career development planning.

Coaching Panel

We have hand-picked a team of high-quality coaches from the Leadenhall Coaching Community and from our network who are genuinely interested in coaching people at this early stage in their career.

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